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BeFit Dietitian – Melanie J


Performance Dietitian and Strength and Conditioning Coach

→ Provide you with evidence-based nutrition advice
→ Individually tailor your nutrition plan to your medical history, dietary needs and training goals
→ Provide you with relevant up to date nutrition education and appropriate behavioural change counselling to enhance compliance
→ Provide you with accountability, encouragement and support
→ Assist you with your energy levels, performance, gut health, weight management and other health conditions

Nutrition Consultations

Melanie is highly skilled in using nutritional strategies to assist you in achieving optimal health.

Meet the BeFit Dietitian

Sydney-based Sports Dietitian and Personal Trainer, specialising in personalised performance nutrition.

Performance Nutrition <strong><em>Resources</em></strong>

Chilli Lime Salmon Parcels

An easy weeknight salmon recipe that is quick to prepare! Salmon contains omega 3's, which are essential and heart healthy fats. The heart foundation recommends all Australians include 2-3 serves of fish per week as part of a healthy diet.  INGREDIENTS: 4 x 120g...

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Stay Lean and Maximise Recovery from an Injury

Whether you’re an athlete or gym junkie, an injury will knock you back physiologically and psychologically. I’ve lost count of the number of times people fall into the ‘all or nothing approach’ and eat poorly when not able to train. However, proper nutrition is very important for healing and recovery so you can get back to what you love doing! Here are my top nutrition tips for recovering faster from an injury.

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Gut Troubles?

Research shows that 10-25% of people experience gut troubles to some degree. A little bit of bloating from time to time is normal. If your symptoms of abdominal pain, discomfort, or change in bowel habits is constant, you may be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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